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A Treasure of Historical Colour Photography

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About us

The PIXPAST Archive is a Private Photographic Collection built by the Irish Photo Collector Ian Spring. Ian was always amazed with the first colour photographs and spent every minute and penny collecting and recording these rare historical moments in original colour film.

Our Aim

To digitize, preserve and share the more than 27,000 original color photo slides from 1935 to 1945 within the Ian Spring Photographic Collection.


All imagery within are only intended for Historical and Research Purposes. We do not support any political aims or groups. Please read Impressum for more information. is a proud supporter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Classic vintage oldtimer car down town OHIO USA 1942 Civilian Home Front Car Intersection Front Street Louisiana Ave Perrysburg Ohio Commodore Perry Memorial WW2 Color Photo German Panzer mark 3 tank road signs motorbike field police Ukraine town 1943 134th Gebirgsjäger Finland 1944 german soldier boat on river mosquito mask edelweiss color Belgium 1945 Bombed city Destruction Russian front Wehrmacht butcher cow meat staff village mud winter trucks