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The PIXPAST Archive is one of the Worlds Largest Private Collections of Pre and Wartime Colour Photography.

After years of hard work and research, For the first time, the PIXPAST Archive is online and available to researches, journalists and historians from around the World.

About us

The PIXPAST Archive is a Private Photographic Collection built by the Irish Photo Collector Ian Spring. Ian was always amazed with the first colour photographs and spent every minute and penny collecting and recording these rare historical moments in original colour film.

The Goal

The Goal of PIXPAST Archive is to allow the World access to this incredible collection of historical documents And to enrich our understanding of historical events through these never before seen colour photos.


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WW2 Color German traffic police road signs motorbike trucks Ukraine town 1941 helmet dad sitting toilet reading newspaper Bremerhaven Germany 1939 Ghent Belgium St. Nicholas' Church Shop Street Cathedral Bieres Delbruyers Beer advert poster soldier bridge wagon 1940 Sint-Niklaaskerk farbdia dia agfacolor filmosto farb foto photo vintage history war ww2 slide kodachrome St-Pietersnieuwstraat Belgrade Serbia mosque market civilians fashion shops hotels Peasants selling food poor women vegetables Collection Vinatege Film Slide Rolls Negatives Agfacolor